Pacific CBD review 2022

Pacific CBD boasts a fairly wide CBD product catalog comprising tinctures, topicals, hemp flowers, gummies, pet items, and vapes. It offers all the products in isolate-based and broad-spectrum formulations, where the latter ensures a full entourage effect of cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBD, & CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids, while isolate CBD products exceptionally comprise CBD. It sources its CBD from Switzerland and manufactures CBD products from it, but the extraction method employed to isolate CBD oil is not revealed. Pacific CBD claims to test its products to ensure they are free of toxins and heavy metals, but the lab results reveal otherwise. Rather, it tests items for CBD & THC potency but not contaminants like heavy metals and microbials. However, we appreciated that the brand has a centralized hub for viewing lab results. With a $0.07- $0.37 per mg CBD average price point, the company fairly prices some products while others are expensive. It has a large potency variance of 80- 2000 mg CBD and sells its products for $9.99- $149.99. Does Pacific CBD measure up well enough to deserve your pence? Below is the full 2022 full review of the brand, which discusses everything around it, helping you determine its fitness.

About the Company

Pacific CBD is a Phoenix, Arizona-based CBD brand that deals in a range of CBD products, including tinctures, topicals, pet items, edibles, vapes, and hemp flowers. It offers its products in broad-spectrum formulation for full entourage effects without the psychoactive THC and in isolate-based formulations that exclusively allow no cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids but CBD. Its price points are within the range to above it at $0.07- $0.37 per mg CBD, meaning that some products in the inventory are fairly priced while others are expensive. The brand calls itself the home, where you get every CBD product, which is appropriate since it provides almost all mainstream CBD products.

You can check the brand’s FAQ link at the bottom of the page to learn more about the brand. It mentions through the very link that it sources it on top-of-the-line crystalline CBD from Switzerland, showing that it sources its hemp from Europe. The CBD products in the company’s inventory vary across a category by potency, and the total CBD concentrations for the vapes, tinctures, topicals, edibles, hemp flowers, and pet items in the catalog are 80- 2000 mg. It ships all the products to all the US states, except for South Dakota, because of legislative reasons.

The brand’s CBD is simple and easily navigable, giving web visitors and CBD consumers an easy time surfing through the page. The Contact Us section provides details you can use to reach the customer care, including a physical address (3150 N. 35th Ave Ste 8 Phoenix, AZ 85017), and email address ([email protected]), a call center’s phone number (480-634-4225), and the brand’s CBD specialist number ((602) 603-0134). The website also has an instant messaging feature one can use the text online customer care agents in real-time, although we used it but got no response up to date. Pacific CBD strives to be informational and shares information on the dedicated Pacific Co. Blog page and at the bottom of the home page.


Based on the information on the website, the following specs are true to Pacific CBD;

  • Extracts are available in isolate-based and broad-spectrum formulations
  • The company sources its on-top-of-the-line crystalline hemp from farms in Switzerland
  • Extract deliverable methods include vapes, pet items, tinctures, topicals, hemp flowers, and edibles
  • The total CBD concentrations range from 80 to 2000 mg
  • The average price point for the brand is $0.07- $0.37 per mg CBD
  • CBD products cost $9.99 to $$149.99
  • Pacific CBD sources its hemp from Europe in Switzerland
  • The hemp comes as CBD crystals
  • Free shipping is available for all orders worth $50 and above to all the US states, except South Dakota
  • The brand does not reveal its extraction method used to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies, especially for unopened defective products
  • Shipping takes 3-5 days
  • A centralized Lab Report hub for posting lab test results

Hemp Quality

Hem quality is a critical factor in the cannabis space since it determines the quality of the final CBD products, ultimately helping a brand get hold of clients and win more or lose the customers it already secured. Consequently, reputable CBD brands source high-quality hemp that match the standards of the CBD products they boast. According to Pacific CBD’s website, the brand sources its hemp from Switzerland and imports it in the form of top-of-the-line CBD crystals. We tried reaching the customer care desk to get details about their hemp quality, but we got no response. However, Pacific CBD mentions in passing on the FAQ section that its CBD comes tested for harmful toxins and heavy metals and is free of these contaminants, but the online lab test results show that while the items were tested for THC and CBD potencies, contaminant purity was not tested. Besides, the company does not reveal the extraction method it uses to strip CBD oil from the surface.

Buying Experience

Buying products from Pacific CBD’s website is not a taxing experience. The site is straightforward and easily navigable, offering a smooth surfing experience. All one has to do is click the CBD Collection button on the main menu, which then collapses into six options for the product collection in the brand’s catalog, including pet, body (topicals), edibles, hemp flower, disposable pads (vapes), and drops (tinctures). Shopping on the site is intuitive, so you pick the items of interest, add them to the cart, and check out when done. The next step is filling in billing and physical location details, after which the order is processed, and shipping starts immediately, particularly when processing ends before 3.00 pm. Free shipping applies for all orders worth $50 and above, and the brand only accepts returns for defective or damaged products reported within 30 days from the delivery day. The products must be shipped back unopened for the guarantee to remain viable.

Manufacturing Process

Pacific CBD is a legal, authorized hemp dealer that sources hemp from Switzerland. According to its FAQ section, it imports hemp as crystalline CBD. It also adds that the CBD from Switzerland is top-of-the-line, indicating that the highest safety standards have been placing while preparing it. Nonetheless, the brand does not explain the extraction method the Switzerland farmers and processors use to process the hemp and extract CBD oil from it.

The next stage in the manufacturing stage is 3rd party testing which all reputable CBD brands should execute to examine their products for THC & CBD potencies and purity against standard contaminants such as heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, foreign matter, filth, and many more. Pacific CDB claims that its 3rd party tests all products in the catalog for contaminant purity and THC/CBD potency and posts the results online on the centralized Lab Report hub for easy customer viewership. While it is true that the products were indeed tested for THC and CBD potencies, the entries for contaminant tests read ‘NT,’ meaning not tested. This is one of the major kinks the brand has and needs to improve to perform better in the hemp space and win a competitive edge.

Range of Products

The following products are found in Pacific CBD’s catalog;

Pacific CBD Tinctures

The brand’s tinctures feature isolate-based formulations. They feature different CBD concentrations, ranging from 125 to 2000 mg CBD. According to the website, they are taken orally sublingually. The potency ranges are 4.17- 66.67 mg/ml.

Pacific CBD Topicals

The line includes an 80 mg isolate-based face and body lotion strictly applied topically. It also features joint, muscle, and soreness creams and rubs. They also feature isolated-based CBD in 125, 250, and 500 mg. Like lotions, the rubs are applied topically on the affected area.

Pacific CBD Disposables

The disposable vape line features pods in 200 mg CBD. They only come in natural terpene flavors, and feature broad-spectrum CBD for full entourage effects.

Pacific CBD Edibles

The edible product line features gummies that are fruity flavored. They come in isolate-based CBD formulations and offer three potencies for 125, 250, and 500 mg. The gummy neons, rings, and worms in this category are strictly taken orally.

Pacific CBD Pet Products

Pacific CBD pet product line offers isolate-based CBD tinctures. According to the website, they can be taken orally or sublingually but can also be added to foods and drinks. They feature two concentrations, 125 and 250 mg CBD, which are available in beef, chicken, and salmon flavors.

Pacific CBD Flower

The brand offers a hemp flowers’ product line, which is yet to be filled. The division was empty by the time we finished developing this review.

What We Like About the Company

Here are what we liked about Pacific CBD while reviewing it;

  • The company conducts 3rd party tests diligently and posts the results online on a centralized hub for easy viewership
  • The free shipping is offered for all orders worth $50 and above, helping clients save on purchases
  • Although the company’s money-back guarantee is complicated, it helps clients return defective products and seek exchanges
  • The broad-spectrum CBD formulations offered by the brand guarantee clients a full entourage effect without the psychoactive THC
  • The brand’s lower threshold for the average price point of $0.07, indicating that some products in its catalog are fairly priced
  • The blogs on the dedicated page and the website’s homepage are detailed, helping clients learn different things about CBD
  • The FAQ section is relatively detailed

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Although there were positive aspects of the Pacific CBD company, it also has its flip side of cons, including;

  • The website lacks critical information, including the extraction method the brand applies to strip CBD from hemp surfaces
  • The catalog lacks capsules and full-spectrum CBD formulated products
  • The lab results do not include contaminant purity tests, proving that the company does not test for heavy metals and other contaminants
  • The $50 free shipping threshold is relatively high
  • The company’s money-back guarantee is limited to unopened defective products and does not allow dissatisfaction claims

Our Verdict

Based on our review, Pacific CBD is a good brand that can make it in the CBD industry by straightening its kinks. It has fairly impressive product lines, offers free shipping for all orders worth $50 and above throughout the USA, and third-party tests its products for potency. Nonetheless, its so-called money-back guarantee is complicated, its lab reports lack purity test results, and the website lacks critical information. Improving these areas will definitely help the brand do better.

Anastasia Filipenko