What color should a cart be?

Although the color of your Delta-8 cart might be the least of your worries, it can impact its expiry. Therefore, it is important to observe the color of your delta 8 cart. Herein is everything you need to know about the types of delta 8 colors and their meanings. This article also highlights the tips to determine the best delta 8 cart

The color of your cart is likely to change after expiry. However, it might be difficult to determine this, especially if it is infused with golden brown. Although most people go for different colors, the pure form of vape juice is the most recommended. This is because it minimizes the involvement of chemicals that might contaminate your cart. Flavors bring fun to vaping THC since they hinder you from the awful natural taste of the hemp plant. This article highlights the most appropriate colors and their effect on your Delta-8 cart.

Types of Delta-8 Colors and Their Meaning

The color of your Delta-8 plays various variabilities regardless of the purity. The color breakdown is as follows;


Clear, or no color Delta-8 cartridge is the most priced product because it is created without any oxidation, which is not easy to achieve. However, it doesn’t insinuate that the extracts are entirely pure since some ingredients such as leftover acids and solvents can still be present, even without affecting the original color. Although clear Delta-8 might be expensive, it doesn’t mean it is likely superior to colored ones such as amber hue or pink. The main idea is to hinder it from oxidation. Some of the top confusions regarding clear are;

  • Clear Delta-8 is a guarantee of purity. This might not be the case at all. Third-party testing remains the major way of determining whether your Delta-8 cartridge is safe or not.
  • Pure/clear Delta-8 hasn’t been bleached. This is also a wrong assumption. The ideal way of making pure Delta-8 is by using bentonite, which is perfectly inert.

Amber Hue

Amber hue is from exposure to too much pH before distillation. It is a sign that the acids were not fully neutralized during distillation. This has an impact on the quality of your Delta-8 because traces of acids are removed during distillation. Notably, once the amber color is formulated, it is permanent. Amber hues are also a common sign of Delta-8 enriched with terpenes.

Terpenes are important elements in the hemp plant. Their presence in Delta-8 mitigates various effectiveness. Silva et al. (2022) noted that terpenes such as caryophyllene, myrcene, or linalool showed promising results in enhancing sleep. However, more clinical trials are needed since the available ones are yet to be approved.

Slight Pink Hue

A slight pink hue is common in Delta-8 carts. However, this should not be a cause of alarm. This means that your Delta-8 vape juice was partially oxidized. Besides, the change in PH and refluxing can also result in your vape juice turning in a pink hue. This process is common and is a sign that it was manufactured using older methods or had a few months already.

Cloudy Or Dark Delta-8

This is a clear sign that you should avoid Delta 8. The dark or cloudy color signifies that your vape juice is likely to be contaminated or is nearing its expiry. Notably, a pure Delta-8 should not be hazy or dark if the extraction method was appropriate.

What Does Delta-8 Taste Like

Caria (2022) noted that a pure Delta-8 has an awful taste that most people find difficult to withstand. It induces a slight bitterness on the tip of the tongue. However, brands are coming up with solutions by providing them in different flavors to help users avoid the awful taste. Delta-8 is manufactured with pure THC, void of terpenes responsible for taste and aroma. To enhance natural flavors, most brands infuse terpenes again.

Amber, clear and pink Delta-8 THC share a common taste as the extracts remain pure. On the contrary, amber-colored extracts depend on CBD, terpenes, or CBG, which impact their color. Notably, discontinuous use of Delta-8 THC results in changes in tastes, colors, or smells, putting them off. An expired Delta-8 impacts the potency levels even though it might not harm you.

How To Determine the Best Delta-8 Cart

Besides the colors, you need to have some skills to determine the best Delta-8 cart that will work effectively. Here are some of the tips to use;

Other Elements

Vapes juice is manufactured with various ingredients to improve its effectiveness. Always confirm the list of ingredients to ensure they are safe for consumption. Some brands use artificial sweeteners such as potassium which result in various health complications, including lowering metabolism and sexual activeness, as suggested by Bridge-Comer et al. (2021). Accumulation of heavy metals in your body systems can also result in chronic diseases and cancer, as suggested by Mahurpawar Manju (2015).

The Lab Results

The biggest red flag for a fake product is the lack of lab results. It is not advisable to buy from a brand that does not provide lab results. All hemp-based brands should post their COA report for easy access. This should not just be from any lab but an IOS certified since it has the personnel and adequate equipment. Confirm the vape juice is void of heavy metals and chemicals solvents. Both contaminants are likely to infiltrate the juice at the processing stage.

Various hemp-based manufacturers have conflicted with the FDA because of posting wrong potency levels. Avoid brands that have been receiving constant warnings from the FDA regarding the safety of their products, including posting wrong potency levels.


Delta-8 vapes can only address your health needs if the quality is questionable. Fake products are unlikely to deliver the required effect or put you at a higher risk, even though some provide a short-term solution. Consider buying a vape cart from the nearest store to give you ample time to assess your product. Consider brands offering QR codes to help consumers affirm the quality levels. Pay attention to the list of things outlined above on the labeling as a safety precaution.


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